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 Beauty. Love. Freedom. These elements shine forth in the diverse sounds of Jamaican-born artist Kristine Alicia. With her debut album already having earned several awards and an impressive list of collaborations under her belt, the Miami-based singer/songwriter is currently promoting several new singles that display her Caribbean flavor and roots. The exquisite blend of reggae rhythms, soulful melodies and pop fusion influences, accompanied by her strong, sultry voice and multi-talented abilities, allows Kristine Alicia to freely express herself in the universal language of music that crosses boundaries into many cultures. As she goes, she goes forth in power with poetic storytelling that relays the universal message of God’s love and freedom for today’s youth and young adults through the gospel.

Her music is being released through JudahScribe Music, the independent label of which Kristine Alicia is the CEO. You may never know it as you talk with her, for this is where her humility resonates. That is beauty. The young entrepreneur, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications and Music from Oral Roberts University, is on a mission… to bring her real life experiences and culturally-relevant messages via music to the listener, in hopes that they will meet the Creator that glows through all she is and does. Kristine’s energetic stage presence, unique style and emotional delivery are captivating audiences, whether the songstress is performing one of her high-energy jams over hard-hitting beats or one of her slower, neo-soul, roots-ish tracks.

From the time of her first public singing performance at the age of 9 in her hometown of Kingston, it was obvious that Kristine was meant to make her mark on the music world. Her talents were cultivated by her father, a classical musician and minister, who taught all six of his children to sing and play the piano. What started as a family pastime quickly became Kristine’s passion, as her mother encouraged her to use the gift of her voice for the Lord’s purposes. During her teens, she competed in numerous festivals, winning at the local, state, and national levels, as she dreamed of one day becoming a communicator and promoter in the gospel music industry. While at college, Kristine refined her vocal abilities as part of the university’s gospel choir Souls A’ Fire. In 2004, she won the South Florida Gospel Network Talent Fest, which landed her in the recording studio with several producers and artists.

Her 2008 debut studio album release Get Ready propelled Kristine Alicia into the forefront of the Caribbean gospel community. The project garnered an unprecedented eight nominations at the 2009 Marlin Awards, as Kristine took home both Artist of the Year and Female Reggae Vocal Performance of the Year. The music video for the title track received heavy rotation on MTV Tempo across the Caribbean region. Kristine has collaborated with artists of the likes of Monty G, Sherwin Gardner and Nigel Lewis. She has performed in the USA, Canada, the Bahamas, Trinidad and Jamaica.

In 2011, Kristine Alicia is released three singles. “Philistine” is a dancehall-pop fusion track featuring Papa San, which has already won a 2010 Marlin Award for DJ Collaboration with Vocals of the Year. The upbeat “World Record” is a fusion of reggae, pop and Hip Hop, motivating the listener to walk in the freedom and not be limited to the world’s expectations and traditions. “I Choose You” remains an all-time favorite with a music video that showcases Kristine’s transparency in her music and lyrics. Currently, Kristine is working on her sophomore project under the guidance of LOJMG as she pairs up with Kary Diamond to propel the standard they call Queens Corner. The year 2012 holds much excitement as this young female artist now shows her more mature views and sounds.

Whether on stage, in the streets or online, Kristine Alicia delivers a consistent message: Love God and love people. Her honest approach to music is refreshing and touches people in a way that peaks their interest in the beauty of Jesus Christ, who provides love and freedom to Kristine and anyone who looks to Him. Things look bright for Kristine Alicia. As she shines, her Creator shines.






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