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 I write, play, record, produce and promote all of my music myself, which I'm very proud of. But of course it's nice to get a little help here and there, especially with promotion! So please friend, fan, follow, like... my stuff if you are into it!
I hope to begin a long career as a musician and I'm learning the ropes as I go. I sometimes wish I had a label to make it all easier, but I'm very happy about my current independence! I lead a fairly nomadic lifestyle, but I seem to be permanently tethered to Seattle. Independence is great and music is even greater; to have a career that entails the both is my ultimate dream. Thanks for your help, support and love!

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  • Hey, I'm brand new here! Check out my newest song Morning Light! I'd love to hear from ya'll.

    on February 18, 2011


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