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Seruwagi Jackson a.k.a General Afron Ugan. was born on the 17th/Aug./1989 In Mulago Hospital Kampala-Uganda.
He\'s a true biological son of ( Rtd).Lt.Mark Matooma of the then (N.R.A)now UPDF, also a Ugandan by nationality.

He went to Kikoma Le win Primary School, Mubende Army Primary School in Mubende District(1996-2003), And later moved on to Standard High School Zzana in Kampala(Wakiso District)and finally Zana Mixed Secondary School for his \'Ordinal &Advanced Levels of Education.

He grew up with his Grand mother by names of Naboosa Kalala (Atwoki) a Mutooro lady a mother to his father, and Afron Ugan never had a chance of sharing a mothers\' love since the year 1994.
Afron says that he started music recording in 2007 in Afande Records of General Mega Dee also a Ugandan music artist as a way of becoming famous to be known by many people including his lost mother he is looking for up to today at the age of 25 years now.
His mother was of Rwandan Origin by names of Madinah Mbabazi.
He is the first son of Mr.Matooma Mark of seven children and he sofa has done 5 five recordings namely,Sakata mobali,hand in hand,mumundekele baibe,Mr yungwe and freaks re-fix.
He has performed on various big stages in his home town Uganda.

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