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The ability to conquer any adversity is the energy that draws people to GAT. Born in the small town of Arkadelphia, AR, GAT has the drive of a man that has had to fight for everything that he has and does not take any opportunity for granted. After 12 years of production, songwriting, engineering and rap experience, he has decided to turn this hobby into a profession.

At the age of 12, G.A.T. learned about making music when his older brother gave him an eight-track cassette recorder. Once he mastered that, his brother bought him more equipment. G.A.T. began rapping over video game instrumentals and karaoke machines, and started to compete in local rap battles. Over the years, he has honed his skills and become a lyrical force. In 2005, G.A.T. met The Swede, a producer from Sweden and was featured on two songs, “Royal Prince” and “It’s A Shame” on The Swede’s compilation CD. This opportunity gave him international exposure.

In songs like “Five Star General”, which was his first Myspace hit, GAT takes people on a tour of a hustler spirit. In 2008, G.A.T. received over 100,000 hits on this song and began to receive messages and phone calls from major label contacts, clothing designer deals and a massive fan base. In only a few short months, G.A.T. has already gained over 1200 followers on Twitter and begun to communicate with other artists, producers, Djs and radio personalities from all over the country. He has been featured on CelebrityMound.com, one of the Top 25 Celebrity Gossip Blog Websites. He has also recently done an interview with OH SO LAWDI of WVCW, an upcoming online radio show. His lyrics help to illustrate a vivid picture of all that he has been through and all that he will become. His energy and hustle will inspire you. Having a G.A.T. record will soon be the coolest thing to do.

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