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DarkFyre Entertainment is an urban music company based in Cincinnati, OH. We specialize is hiphop and rap, but are always looking to expand upon what we do, incorporating spoken word poetry, R&B and anything else with a great sound. We strive to stand above and apart from not only what is in our area, but what is in the industry as a whole. While you will hear some music from DFE that sounds similar to the current market trends, you will also hear the unique stylings of each individual artist in the music. Our company is made up of four people, each having a particular role. Nyte, the founder and CEO, is also a lyrical hiphop artist that wears many hats within the company. Leago, the COO and director of promotions, handles our networking, press and exposure. Enthuze, an energetic and clever emcee, incorporates both intricate wordplay and humor into much of his work. Last, but not least, we have Keem Da Great. Keem, dubbed "The Man of the People", strives to take what the youth currently listen to to a higher level by adding advanced skill and delivery to the type of music that gets the most commercial exposure. When we have performances organized by our company, we try to incorporate diverse artists and styles into the show. It's not about giving the people what they want. It's about making the people want what you're giving them. We try to do this by giving our best and creating great music. Our music has an overall positive vibe. I say overall with the consideration that some of the music is neutral, but none is overly negative. We try to stay away from the trends of making songs about drug sales and gunplay. Part of the reason for that is that our company and artists are not the kind of people that stay involved in such things. We believe this gives us an advantage over other companies and artists who might have a "shadier" image due to their activities or the activities that they relay in their music. We are always evolving and continuing to improve. With dreams to achieve and potential still untapped, we don't see anything that can stop us.

Nyte - http://www.myspace.com/nytedfe
Keem Da Great - http://www.myspace.com/keemdagreat


Mixtapes for Keem


Enthuze - http://www.myspace.com/enthuze

Mixtapes for Enthuze


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