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When I was little, I used to take bubble baths and my brother would practice the piano downstairs. I guess it was the relaxing combination of the bubble bath and piano music that led me to soak it up....get it? I have on video me banging on the piano and me accidently playing something good sounding by accident...no really...my cousin and I were abusing the piano like kids do and I played an accidental melody and thought...gee..that\'s nice!.....Well my cousin kept on abusing the poor piano. I started copying catholic church songs then playing them with one finger on the right hand and two fingers on the left. After the religious cheesy songs like "I Have Loved You" that made me think of white man Jesus smiling so loving to me, I started to copy video game music from Gameboy and Nintendo (Nintendo World Cup..and later the Street Fighter world). Anyway, noticing my talent, my parents signed me up for piano lessons (and tap lessons but that\'s another story) For some reason all my teachers ate while they gave me lessons. My teacher Vickey Borodi would eat delicious greasy chicken and she would crack her knuckles, my teacher Sue Rosen would eat a mouth watering turkey and fat ass slice of home grown tomato sandwich. My jazz piano teacher ate spicy delicious smelling soup...also crunch on pickle chunks from just having Mr. Pita...I mean come on! That\'s probably why I fought reading music for so long....I associated it with food torture. In my wacked out brain, part of my joy when I started giving a few lessons was indulging in messy finger dripping foods while my students would stair at a frustrating note sheet. The was my rite of passage into the piano teacher world lol.

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