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4 Giants from the Venezuelan music scene and a great singer from Canada merge their talents and passion for music into an exceptional eclectic prog band that delivers all the power and subtleness needed for a sure success in the contemporary progressive rock category. The first of their type in Venezuela.

Pablo Mendoza Guitarist and Venezuelan Musician, it is considered as one of the best soloists of modern guitar in Venezuela, their style is bound to the rock – jazz fusion with progressive tendencies to the blues and the symphonic music and also known as the teacher of the electric guitar in Venezuela. 

In their first works it is strongly influenced by Steve Vai, Frank Gambale, Joe Satriani, among others of the same elite. In the last disks a much more personal work is denoted and characterized by the accent on blues classic and state of the art rock. 

Their repertoire consists on instrumental pieces of electric guitar and was sponsored by the brands Ernie Ball of world fame and British amplifiers Laney who support to several of the best guitarists and musicians of the world. From May of the 2010 he enters to be part as artist of the house of guitars MUSIC MAN. In the 2009 it was considered as one of the 500 new talents of the guitar shred and consequently one of the best talents of the guitar at world level by web and specialized forums. At the moment he is directing their own academy of music “Academy of Music Pablo Mendoza” (AMPM).

Adolfo Herrera 

He is born in Caracas, Venezuela, June 15, 1975. From very early age it showed musical interests, being the electronic organ their first instrument. To the 14 years he has their first contact with the drums, the one which finally adopted as their main instrument. 

It begins their formal studies of music in the Roland Learning Center of Caracas, under the guidance of the Teacher Andrés Briceño. Emerges like dummer at the time that begins to play with different juvenile bands of Pop, Rock and Latin music. 

During five years the music alternated with its university studies. He obtains Graduate’s title in Social Communication in the Central University of Venezuela. Later on travels to Boston, Massachussets, U.S.A. where it enters Berklee College of Music, there he studies drums with the professors: Kenwood Denard, Yoron Israel, Cacey Scheuerell and Jackie Santos. Of equal forms studies harmony and arrangements. It leaves Boston to work as musician of plant of the cruise Sovreign On The Seas during one year. 

It returns to Venezuela to continue studying and growing as drummer. He studied African-American-Venezuelan percussion with the Teacher Manuel Moreno and flamenco cajón with the Teacher Diego “El Negro” Álvarez. To their 35 years old, he bills with a wide career like accompanying musician and session drummer. He has recorded with artists like: Aldemaro Romero, Johnny Thunder (The Driffters), Aquiles Báez (Guitarist), Gerry Weil (Pianist), Huáscar Barradas (flute), Ed Simon (Pianist), María Fernanda Márquez, Hugo Fuguet (Guitarist), Oscar Fanegas (Bass), Leo Blanco (Pianist) C4 Trio, Alfredo José Requena (Clarinetist), Daniela Tugues, Anita Loynaz, Gonzalo Teppa, Cesar Muñoz, Rigel Michelena, A.5, Voz Véis, Rafael (El Pollo) Brito, Frank Quintero, Beverly Rego, Kiara, Antonieta, Divine, Elisa Rego, Pedro Castillo, Guillermo Carrasco, Alexis Cárdenas (violinist), Siudy Garrido (Flamenco), Alban Arthuan, The Astrolabios, Tártara, Doppler, José Alfonso Quiñones, Esperanza Márquez, Ofelia del Rosal, Mena, Winda Pierral, among others. It was invited to the 2do International Festival of Drummers of Caracas and it is already invited to the 3ra edition to be carried out this year. He is member of Wahala, pop band, with 3 CD´s already. Adolfo also is in the process of preparation of a particular work. He shared honours with Jordan Rudess “Explorations”, debut concert in Caracas. 

Adrián van Woerkom 

Of Dutch nationality, he begins their musical studies of Piano, Organ, Theory in 1975 with the Professor Gaston Bertocco. – In 1978 is part of the group of symphonic rock Relief, which carries out several concerts, presentations in T.V. and festivals of Rock in Caracas and inland. In 1981 form the group of Jazz-rock Krasis. 

Studies: – In 1982 part towards Boston to study Composition, Orchestration and Orchestral Direction with specialization in Music for Cinema in Berklee College of Music, Boston ,Massachusetts. During this period he studies with big musicians like Gary Burton (Improvisation), Jeronimous Kaszinkas and David.Callagan (orchestral direction) and Tom McGah (Composition and Analysis of the Music). During the 7 years in Boston, it is presented as much as soloist like in several groups of Rock and Jazz, giving concerts in Berklee and in several night local of the city. 

Work: – From 1985 he acts As Composer of Music for Cine,Teatro, Programs of TV, Commercial and Documental, time in which have been granted numerous prizes and recognitions at national and International level. 

Oscar Fanega 

Bass player born in Curazao in the year 1967. Graduated in 1998 in the “Workshop of Musicians from Barcelona” (Spain), as “Interpreter” and “Composer and Arreglista”. There study with important figures of the Jazz like Jeff Ballard, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Ben Street, Mario Rossy and Javier Hill among others. It is one of the most sought-after bassoonists inside the musical environment of Caracas and it has developed their work in different groupings guided toward the jazz, the rock, the Latin music and Venezuelan accompanying grateful artists like Alfredo Orange tree, Gonzalo Micó, Roberto Shred, Gerardo Rosebushes, Rigel Michelena, Hugo Fuguet, Adrenaline Caribbean, Luz Marina, Frank Farmer, Leo Blanco, Baby Farmer, Doppler, Eon, etc. 

In the year 2003 publish their first disk as titled soloist SOLO/BASS recorded in their entirety with their electric first floor and with the help of electronic processors, in which develops an own and innovative language that integrates unusual elements of the electronic music. 

In their new production BASS & PERCUSSION, published in 2009, Fanega reinvents its interpretation of the Electric First floor beside some of the best percussionists in Venezuela. As much SOLO/BASS as BASS & PERCUSSION excellent critics have generated among the experts and he/she has wakened up a great curiosity in the most avant-garde audiences. Without a doubt an extraordinary material worthy of Contemporary Venezuelan Music’s collection and for the world. 

At the moment he directs the “Workshop of Jazz Caracas”, noted institution dedicated to the formation of professionals in Music. Producing and playing bass for La Suki. Two EP by far. “Oscar Fanega personifies, better than any other national instrumentalist of its specialty, the unusual technical, sound, conceptual and technological evolution that the electric bass has developed in its sixty years of exciting history.”

Phil Naro

Phil Naro is a Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award winning performer for singing the theme song for the cartoon “6Teen”, as well as an internationally acclaimed composer, singer, guitar player, songwriter and producer. Naro’s career began in his hometown of Rochester, New York at the age of fifteen where he performed in a variety of popular High School bands. Word of his amazingly powerful voice and his tremendous four octave range quickly spread to the bar bands where he pursued his musical career.

In 1979, Naro had his first major musical opportunity to go to Toronto, Ontario, where he joined the popular band “Chain Reaction.” The band released two album’s, “X-Rated Dream 1” with Trillium Records label in 1981 and “X-Rated Dream 2” with Attic Records label in 1982 and also played an intense coast-to-coast tour schedule of 600 shows in two years. Following the release of “X-Rated Dream 2”, Naro returned to Western New York.

Naro is best known as the front-man for Billy Sheehan’s band, “Talas”. In late 1980’s, while Naro immersed his talents writing and recording songs with other musicians in Rochester and Buffalo, bass player, Billy Sheehan ( ) from Talas was in search of a lead singer for his band. In late 1983 Billy found the voice of the band in Phil Naro. In 1984 after numerous performances, the band recorded “Live Speed on Ice” at L’Amour with Relativity Records in New York City which simultaneously made the top ten charts in both England and Japan. While with Talas, Naro enjoyed great success on a unique American heavy metal tour, performing with many of the 80’s top attractions such as: Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force; Anthrax; White Lion; Quiet Riot; and Iron Maiden.

Highlighting his career, after his time with Talas, Naro joined with Canadian AOR Coney Hatch, replacing James LaBrie who went on to sing with Dream Theater as the band’s new charismatic front man. By now Naro was a much sought after lead vocalist and was discovered by respected producer Eddie Kramer who had worked with Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and KISS. This discovery resulted in Kramer recommending Naro to Peter Criss ( ) former KISS drummer, who was preparing his solo career. At the helm of Criss’ solo project, two of Naro’s songs, “Bad People” and “Blue Moon over Brooklyn” appeared on Criss’ 1995 release, “Cat 1.” While he was creating music with Criss, Naro also wrote songs for Lee Aaron’s 1989 multi-platinum selling album “Body Rock” and provided his powerful voice in studio work with Grammy winning producer Tom Lord-Alge, known for his work with Billy Joel, The Cure, Steve Winwood, Marilyn Manson and The Rolling Stones.

Naro also appeared on a compilation disc released through Liberty N’ Justice Records entitled “Soundtrack Of A Soul” which featured ex-Skid Row member Sebastian Bach, Mark Slaughter, and Joe Cerisano of Trans Siberian Orchestra. From “Soundtrack of A Soul,” Naro followed up by fronting a band from NYC and Kivel Records, “Tango Down” (

In 1994, Phil teamed up with John Rogers (Brighton Rock, Long Tom and the Dusty Danglers) to form an acoustic duo dubbed as The Phil & John Show ( to play the Ontario Club Circuit. They play both originals and covers of some of the most beloved songs of our time. In 2006, they released “The Phil and John Show Cover Art” and are finishing up their follow-up release to be available in Spring of 2012.

In 2004, Phil was asked by longtime friend Don Mancuso to collaborate with him and former Foreigner lead singer Lou Gramm, ( ) on the first of three DDrive albums which resulted in a release in 2005. The album received critical acclaim and airplay in the US, Australia, and Europe. The band “DDrive’s” signature sound blends strong classic rock roots with a modern edge sound all its own. The first DDrive CD did so well that Mancuso and Naro decided to put together the band’s second release in 2007 entitled “Straight Up the Middle.” The new album received accolades from a rapidly growing legion of DDrive fans, and is in its second pressing. Following the success of the release, the band shot and released a video in the summer ’08 for the track “Pray for Tomorrow”. In 2008, while performing with “Classic Albums Live”, Naro and other accomplished Toronto members from Classic Albums Live, with their love of progressive rock music, formed the band “Druckfarben” ( They perform live and captivate audiences throughout the Ontario region of Canada. In September 2011, they released their first CD “Druckfarben”.

In June 2010, they released their album called “3D” on Melodic Revolution Records, which was the long awaited follow up to “Straight Up the Middle” (2007). Suffice to say, it was worth the wait. The album has been well received by both fans and media alike around the world. 3D is an album that will be enjoyed for generations to come. 3D has great significance as well, not only as DDRIVE’s 3rd release but the CD is also housed in a special edition 3D cover with 3D Glasses and features eleven rocking tracks plus the album features some special guests like long-time friend Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Talas, David Lee Roth) on the first single “Dig Down.”

Also in 2010, Naro produced Jim Crean’s ( CD “Velvet Crush” for Melodic Revolution Records (, which was released in September 2011. Naro collaborated with ifsounds, (, a progressive rock art band from Italy, recording “Don’t Go” on their new digital only EP, “Unusual Roots” which was released on November 15, 2011. Naro also took part in the filming/recording of ifsounds music video for the release “Don’t Go

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